"Siberian coal energy company" (SUEK) is Russia's largest coal company. Headquarters located in Moscow. SUEK has 15 mines and 12 open pits in Siberia and in the Far East, supplying approximately 39 % of coal in Russia. In 2016, coal production amounted to 105.4 million tons.

SUEK is one of the world’s largest coal companies and the leading coal producer in Russia. Large, high-quality coal deposits, modern quality-assured coal-preparation plants and highly cost-efficient production and distribution provide for high-quality products.

SUEK's enterprises are equipped with modern high-tech equipment.


SUEK group is operating 12 mines located in Siberia and the Far East. Most of SUEK mines extract coal from seams of two to five metre thick and all are accessed via inclines driven from the surface.

To control temperature in ventilation shafts, where the temperature of the injected air must be in the range of 12-15 °C, Eurotherm equipment is used. VSP company has supplied EPower thyristors and controllers 2404 to the enterprise.


Eurotherm EPower controller uses a variety of control methods that provide the required level of capacity for different load types and is characterized by an effective strategy of alerting and advanced diagnostic failure detection.


Standard range of EPower thyristor regulators provides for the nominal value of current up to 630 A, if necessary, this range can be extended up to 4000 A.


The 2400 series controllers have modular design and can be equipped with additional modules, designed for heating and cooling, module for re-transmission of an analogue signal, module for connection of the second process variable and others. This series controllers support connection of up to three I/O modules and up to two communication modules at the same time.

JSC "SUEK" is one of the leading coal companies in the world, the largest supplier for the domestic market and for export. Mining, processing, transportation and service enterprises of SUEK are located in seven regions of Russia. SUEK employes over 32 500 people. The main shareholder is Andrey Melnichenko.

SUEK group includes 27 coal enterprises, 7 preparation plants and systems, bulk terminal in the port of Vanino, Murmansk commercial seaport, production transport facilities and mechanical-repair plants. JSC "SUEK" exercises functions of the sole executive body in respect to the 14 subsidiary companies: JSC "SUEK-Krasnoyarsk", OAO "Kharanorsk Open-Pit Mine", OJSC "Tugnuisk Open-Pit Mine",  OJSC "Primorskugol", OJSC "Urgalugol", OJSC "Izykhsk Open-Pit Mine", LLC "SUEK-Khakasiya", LLC "Chitaugol", CJSC "Daltransugol", LLC "Tugnuisk PTU", LLC "Tugnuisky processing plant", OJSC "Sibniiugleobogaschenie", LLC "GlavEnergoSbyt", LLC "Grinfin".

With the coal reserves of 5.9 billion tons – SUEK ranks fifth among the coal companies in the world. In terms of production SUEK is among the ten largest world producers.