Rosneft — a Russian oil&gas company, the largest in the world public company in terms of oil production.


As far as oil processing (17,3 mln tons per year) the plant is among the top five largest plants in Russia.


According to data for the first quarter of 2010,  Bashneft was leading the industry as far as depth of processing was concerned at the plants of the company — 84,8 %, as against 72,5 % on the average in Russia.


A Russian metals company, the producer of titanium and it’s products. A world major producer of titanium.


Yaroslavnefteorsynthes («Slavneft-Yaroslavnefteorgsynthes», «Slavneft-YANOS») — the largest oil refinery in the North of Russia. It is located in Yaroslavl.


A Stock Company «Ryazanskaya Oil Refining Company» – a major oil refining enterprise of Rosneft. Planned capacity of refining — 18,8 mln. tons of oil per year.


The plant provides oil products for the Republic of Belarus and exports them. The range of refined products covers over 70 listed oil refined products.


The plant processes about 14 mln tons of hydrocarbons. The products are produced in accordance with the quality management system as per ISO 9001:2008.


The largest Russian producer of mineral fertilizers.


Refining over half of the Russian associated gas, Sibur produces over a quarter of all liquefied hydrocarbon gas in Russia.