«Rosneft» — a Russian oil and gas company, 69,5% shares owned by the state. World largest oil producing public company. According to the «Expert» magazine, in 2012 ranked third among Russian companies in terms of generated revenue.

In order to rely on a possibility to work with such a company as Rosneft, we reckon one needs to provide for the necessity of optimised operation in every aspect and concrete commitments. Here at VSP we group such efforts in the following way - strategy, tactics and practical approach.

Having sent some advertising material by e-mail, it is hardly possible to expect success with the company of 250 000 employees. In the first place we proceed from the assumption that work with Rosneft means a lot of investment, which may bring dividends in the long term.

(1)Analysis; (2) objectives; (3) tools; (4) plan of work - these are main issues which the company started working through a few years ago, reviving the Programme «Rosneft Special Customer».


As for today VSP has been accredited and carries out supply of equipment along the main lines of the company activities for the majority of oil refineries, for a number of production companies of Rosneft - ANHK, Achinsk OR, Novokuybishevsk OR, Syzran OR, Tuapsinsk OR, VNHK, RNPK, Vankorneft, …


In 2016 we additionally focused our efforts on the programme important for us and accelerated the activity further on. This year the team involved in development of business with Rosneft and based on the approved plan for the current year, undertakes a number of activities - in the first place, working with the customer at Rosneft sites all over Russia.

It is of great interest to work with such a company as Rosneft - large scale production facilities, capabilities and potential of the company infrastructure, highly experienced technical experts with operational knowledge, ...

Of course, we count on successful outcome of our efforts!

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Angarsk Petrochemical Company, Achinsk OR VNK, RN-Komsomolsk OR, Novokuibyshevsk OR, Kuibyshevsk OR, Syzran OR, RN-Tuapse OR, VNKhK, Angarsk Polymer plant, Saratov OR, Ryazan Oil Refining Company, NK Rosnefdt - MZ Nefteproduct, Otradnensky gas processing plant, Neftegorsk GPP, Mini OR, Ruhr Oel GmbH, RN-Severnaya neft, RN-Yuganskneftegas, RN-Purneftegas, Tomskneft VNK, RN Nijnevartovsk, RN Uvatneftegas, Samotlorneftegas, ROSPAN INTERNATIONAL, RN Nyaganneftegas, Nijnevartovsk Oil Production Assocoation, Varyeganneftegas, Verkhnechonskneftegas, RN Vankor, VSNK, Taas-Yuryakh Oil&Gas Production, RN-Sakhalinmorneftegas, Sakhalin-1, Samaraneftegas, Udmurtneft, Orenburgneft, NGC Itera, NGC Slavneft, RN-Krasnodarneftegas, Grozneftegas, RN-Stavropolneftegas, Rosneft-Dagneft, Dagneftegas, RN Ingushnefdt, RN-Service, RN-Burenye, RN-Inform, Far Eastern offshore sites, Black sea offshore sites, Caspian sea offshore sites, …


Full name - Public Joint Stock Company Rosneft. Headquarters in Moscow.

Listed in Fortune Global 500 2016 (ranking 118). At the end of 2012 the company employed about 170 thousand people.