Stock Company Ryazan Oil Refining Company (RNPK) - a major oil refining enterprise of Rosneft. Rated capacity of refining is 17,1 mln tons of oil per year.

VSP specialist held meetings with a number of company customers in Ryazan, including the main one - Ryazan Oil Refining Company. The trip agenda covered some main tasks: (1) presentation of the latest Parker Hannifin developments to the customer, preview of a new product range of Emerson Micro Motion meters, and other solutions along VSP lines of activities; (2) discussions on current projects and on possibilities of integration of engineering developments by the company partners-manufacturers; (3) possibilities for further business development with VSP customers in one of the major industrial centres of Russia.


During the presentation the following solutions were covered:

 - Overview of technical solutions by MTL Instruments, Emerson Micro Motion, Eurotherm;

 - Parker Hannifin solutions on Automation, Hydraulics, Connectors/Hoses and Instrumentation products;

 - Parker MonoBall - an advanced assembly solution for pressure and temperature measurements.


Summing up the meeting customers set a number of additional tasks for us:

 - To provide extended information on MTL surge protection equipment;

 - To make a presentation on an updated Emerson product range of density and viscosity meters;

 - To offer an industrial hose with enhanced wear characteristics, 150 and 200 mm ∅ abrasive loose material;

 - To work out an offer for a check valve (for: spirit, carbonic acid etc.) for pressure up to 6000 psi (414 bar);

 - and some other tasks.


In spite of a short time dedicated, all the programme has been fulfilled. We expect that agreements with the customer would allow for solving current tasks in the nearest time, and for achieving yet more comfortable for our customers level of interaction.

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Production assets of SC «RNPK» include 5 installations for crude oil processing, a vacuum gas oil hydrotreater, hydrogen generation unit, sulfuric acid conversion unit, catalytic cracking unit, visbreaking, 4 catalytic reforming units, hydrotreatment of aviation kerosene, isomerisation unit and other.

SC «RNPK» produces an extensive range of high quality oil products: diesel fuel Euro 5, motor benzene AI-92, AI-95, AI-98, aviation kerosene, fuel oils, road and construction bitumen, and other products.

To date the plant is one of the leading Russian enterprises in oil refining industry. High standards of SC «RNPK» are being confirmed by continuous improvement of its activities in line with requirements of ISO standards.



Full company name in English— Stock Company «Ryazan Oil Refining Company».