VSP: "Lean Operations" Rules as an integral part of sustainable development.


At VSP, we are confident that sustainable development of business can become a long-term competitive advantage in the market — VSP work strategy has always identified priorities in its everyday practice as well.

We are used to operate in a competitive environment, we have accumulated extensive experience and expertise in the field of automation in the main areas of our activities. And today it is especially important to apply our knowledge and practical skills, marketing tools and established partnerships in the market to deliver more added value to customers, to see the perspective, develop cooperation and create new projects. That is, a sustainable company with a responsible attitude to work and with high-quality business process management is becoming even more in demand in the market. From the corporate requirements of "lean operations" to mentality and culture in the spirit of ESG, VSP continues to develop its market position and work on improvement of the professional level of the team.

The abbreviation ESG can be deciphered as follows: "ecology, social policy and corporate governance". We are talking about a responsible attitude to the environment (E — environment), social responsibility (S — social), high quality corporate governance (G — governance).
The company's internal culture, our understanding of the tasks we are facing, and our own tools at our disposal allow the VSP team to persistently work on compliance with environmental standards and follow the "lean operations" program.

VSP: "Lean Operations" Rules.

VSP as part of the business community, as part of the large ecosystem of the Russian economy, i.e. a resources consumer and provider due to a certain business model of the company, understands its responsibility to society, to future generations for the environment that we all generate in one way or another, which we affect by our activities in everyday practice.
The VSP company, each employee strives to take care of the operational resources available at all working stages.

In its daily working practice the company aligns with the following principles aimed at minimizing the impact on the environment, on compliance with the principles and spirit of the rules of "lean operations".

(1) In its production processes the Company gives preference to equipment and working tools designed for the longest possible service life.

(2) Upon the failure of equipment and/or devices, the company will make efforts to repair such an equipment/device, but not to purchase a new one to replace the failed.

(3) Equipment and/or working tools and devices which service life has expired will either be disposed of by the company through the appropriate specialized services, or will be passed over on a free or reimbursable basis to organizations and enterprises providing for further operation of such devices, partially or in-full.

(4) When using equipment and /or working tools and devices, consuming electricity from energy sources, embedded or replaceable, the company will give preference and intend to use the devices, relying on reusable energy sources.

(5) The Company will strive to consume a minimum amount of energy in its operations.

(6) The Company will give preference to such an equipment, which will be based on energy-efficient technology and energy-saving functions.

(7) In its working practice, the company will give preference to those suppliers of services, products and goods offered for the company's operations, which share and act in the spirit of the company's "lean operations" approach.

(8) When choosing suppliers of equipment and products used in the company's projects, the company will give preference to such suppliers whose production processes comply with international ESG standards and regulations, the spirit of the company's "lean operations" approach.

(9) The company will make monetary contributions on an annual basis to organizations whose activities are aimed at restoring the natural ecological balance in Russia or around the world.

(10) On an annual basis, the company will prepare a report on the main activities and efforts carried out aiming at implementation of the Lean Operations Rules.

Sustainable growth is not only limited to the stability of the company, it means growth with a minimum negative impact on the environment. Today, this approach does not just imply "desirable aspects" of operation, it becomes critical. Ultimately, everything comes down to the needs of our customers, for whom the reliability of technical solutions, a longer service life of equipment, a smaller carbon footprint contribute to a faster return on investment.

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