Instrumentation products


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Intrinsically safe interfaces and systems


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Advantages of using HMI solutions would be an improved production efficiency and safety due to possibilities of remote control, extended interaction with other equipment on site, prompt detection of faults and problems and, as a result less downtime.

In terms of an HMI solutions business line, VSP cooperates with such manufacturers and suppliers as GECMA Components Electronic GmbH (Germany, from 2008 part of MTL), Systec & Solutions GmbH (Germany) and Siemens (Germany). HMI products and solutions comply and in some cases exceed the requirements of international standards, allowing to use intrinsically safe work stations in a Hazardous zone, close to the process, and provide comfortable and safe working conditions for an operator as well as efficient operation of equipment and the process on the whole at various manufacturing sites around the world.


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The technologies implemented in electromechanics provide the user with a wide range of systems for a variety of applications. It is hard to imagine a modern production in which electromechanical equipment would not be used. Within the field of Electromechanics, VSP cooperates with manufacturers and suppliers such as Parker Hannifin and Siemens.

Parker Hannifin is one of the leading manufacturers of power regulators (drives), including industrial frequency converters for AC and DC electric motors, servos and servomotors. VSP has been the official distributor of Parker Hannifin since 1996.

Siemens solutions include a wide range of drives for mechanical engineering and industrial equipment manufacturing — energy-efficient solutions that can significantly reduce energy costs. The SIMOTICS range of industrial motors: from standard synchronous and asynchronous electric motors to servomotors for motion control applications and DC motors are excellent for working with SINAMICS series frequency converters.


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Project approach


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marketing tech

«For us marketing is a complete business process. We  do not separate marketing tasks from other tasks facing our team. Detailed understanding of special capabilities of technical solutions by partners-manufacturers; a programme of competitive intelligence; the whole standard tool set for communication with a customer — site, specialised literature, seminars, exhibitions, … — this is marketing. All this in the end makes it possible to efficiently solve technical tasks posed by our customers».


At present a VSP team participating in marketing is focused on developing already established businesses as well as new company business lines.

Generation of informational basis covering a fundamentally extended Instrumentation products business line; proactive work in the Russian market on presenting latest solutions for intrinsic safety; project tasks on support and development of relationships with special customers — all these represent major tasks implying understanding of the market, and require time and resource.


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