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An engineering solution proves really valuable when it features unique qualities, when its capabilities provide for technological advantage of the user and considerably cut down expenses — optimises time and financial resources — allowing for stronger competitive position of business.

The aim of VSP is to present to the customer technologies based on world-level engineering achievements — from a «simple» fitting to precision sampling systems — world-class instrumentation products that meet all the conditions for the successful implementation of the project.

VSP has been specializing in instrumentation products for process autimation since 1996, cooperating with suppliers and manufacturers around the world.

Comprehensively investing every year in VSP development, in professional advancement of specialists, we strive to work
at a new level, keeping in mind basic principles — competence, professionalism, quality and long-term strategy.

Creating special working conditions for the team to realise potential of its every member, we want to provide for a confident standing in life for every person working at VSP.

A modern market makes high-level demands on all those involved in business. We believe that building an open and long-term relationship within the company, with customers and partners present to VSP possibilities for implementing plans for business development.

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Season's Greetings!


Season's Greetings!